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Chicago II – The Steven Wilson remix

A long time ago in a land faraway (that I returned to about two and a half years ago), I was a Chicago fan. (I’m talking about the band here, not the city, although I’m also a fan of the city.) Not that crappy ballad stuff that came later – the first three albums. I still remember the first Chicago album I bought. It was called Chicago. It was the second album from the band and the first with their newly shortened name. (Their first album was Chicago Transit Authority.) It was cool. There were horns. A trombone, even. And the cover art was cool looking too. I spent many hours listening to that record.

Eventually I bought the first album. Then the third album came out. Not as great as the first two but some stuff I really liked. The Approaching Storm, for instance. Then the fourth album came out. This time it was a four-record live album. Then a couple of single albums (V & VI) and then I stopped buying Chicago albums.

One thing about those albums, though, was that they didn’t sound great. Kind of flat. But I still liked the music.

Fast forward some number of decades and here comes the Steven Wilson remix of the second album. I got kind of excited. I know Mr. Wilson’s work on remixes of older King Crimson and Jethro Tull albums. Great stuff. So I procured his remix of Chicago II.

I’m happy to report that it’s great. So much cleaner. And you can really hear the separation of all the instruments and voices. In particular Terry Kath. I’ve had the CD for about a week and already listened to it three times. Can he please remix some of my other favorite Chicago albums, please?