Fear (Bob Woodward)

Another political book pre-order. I’m getting burned out on these so no more of this kind of book. At least for a while.

Nothing in this book surprised me. I guess the only interesting thing about this book is that it was written by Bob Woodward. He brings a certain amount of credibility due to his history. And he has said that he has tapes from the interviews that led to this book. But by now, nothing in this book is surprising to me.

The book starts off with some scenes from the election but most of the book consists of vignettes from Trump in the White House. Take-aways? Trump’s incompetent, hot-headed, impervious to logic, stubborn, pissed off, incapable of focus, and only about him and his ego. Like I said, nothing surprising

I really don’t recommend this book. I didn’t learn much from reading this book and I read to learn.

On to something else…

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