The Plant Paradox (Steven R. Gundry, MD)

Last year I read Dr. Mercola’s book “Fat for Fuel” and did his program for about a month. That program worked the best for my health of all the programs I’ve tried. After that, I saw an interview with Dr. Gundry by Dr. Mercola. That led me to Dr. Gundry’s most recent book, “The Plant Paradox.”

Dr. Gundry is the former chairman of cardiothoracic surgery at Loma Linda University (among other credentials) who changed his focus to using diet to cure diseases. His research led him to discover proteins in certain foods called lectins that are part of plants’ defense mechanism. These proteins present in foods generally considered healthy are actually harmful to our health. He found that eliminating or neutralizing them led to his patients’ illnesses going away.

The book goes into more details on all this and is fascinating reading. He also presents a program which includes recipes and other guidance for avoiding lectins. I am currently following his program and have noticed an improvement in my own health. Most of the recipes were surprisingly tasty. I consider Dr. Gundry’s program the next step after Dr. Mercola’s MMT program.

I like this book a lot. One example of the many things I like about the book: Dr. Gundry sells supplements on his web site which he mentions in the book but for each mention of his supplements he also mentions generic supplements that you could use instead. I found this helpful since the supplements he sells are pricey. Recommended.

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