Monday June 26 2017

Today a recovery day but I did manage to get on the elliptical. So my current streak is still alive.

Starting to plan for my post-July-fast attempt at Mercola’s MMT program.

Friday June 23 2017

Well, missed a couple of days of writing. My lame excuse: We are getting in the habit of turning off the internet in the evening and I didn’t get to writing until the internet was already turned off.

Anyway, today was another sauna day. I’m up to 20 minutes and feeling pretty good afterwards. Also today we bought some bushes for the front yard. We bought some Linesville Arborvitae. They apparently grow in the shape of a ball so they don’t need to be pruned. We’ll see how it goes.

Upcoming next week: King Crimson at the Chicago Theater.

Saturday June 17 2017


This article is making the rounds lately and a lot of people are sending it around:

This goes against everything that I’ve been reading in the past few years and my own experience. Cardiologist Dr. William Davis refutes the article here:

For those inclined to understand the conflicts of interest around dietary recommendations I recommend the book The Big Fat Surprise.

Actually I agree with the headline. “Coconut oil as unhealthy as beef fat and butter” – they are all not unhealthy at all! Provided they are organic and from grass fed cows.



Thursday June 15 2017

Today I was supposed to have a bass lesson but it got moved to tomorrow. So we went shopping at Costco and Trader Joe’s instead. Costco had fresh wild sockeye salmon on sale so we scooped some of that up in addition to catfish and some organic veggies. So when I can eat again on Saturday it looks like fish will be on the menu. This is a good thing.

My wife and I love the pork belly at Trader Joe’s so we got that and we saw that they now have raw pistachios so we got that too.

It was hot today! Tomorrow it’s supposed to cool down (upper 80’s instead of the 90’s like it’s been the past few days).