April Showers

The past few days have been more cold and rainy. But tomorrow is May. The prediction is more rain tomorrow but after that much less chance of rain. Still not that warm, though.

For some reason I’m feeling really drowsy. Maybe early bedtime today.

Cheat Day

I’m usually pretty strict about what I eat (and other things health-related) but once a month we go out and eat things we don’t normally eat. This month it was today and for our cheat meal we went out to dinner at a Malaysian restaurant. Very tasty. Then, on the way home we wanted to try a new cake place at a local asian mall.

The Malaysian food was great. Especially good was dry lamb curry. The cake was OK but I think that I’m not really that excited about sweet stuff anymore. My taste is changing and I see that as a good thing. Another example: I started eating liver sausage with breakfast every morning to get more organ meat in my diet. At first I would eat it all at the start of the meal to get it over with but now I spread it out so I get some liver in every bite. I’ve really grown to like the taste. If I have a bite of breakfast without liver it feels disappointing to me.

The learning here is that I used to feel that eating more healthy stuff was a burden but now I really prefer eating healthy food. We can adapt over time to really enjoy different things.

Maybe one of these months we’ll skip the cheat day…

23 and Me

In an effort to understand more about myself, some weeks ago I sent in a container of my spit for DNA analysis. Yesterday the results ┬ácame back. A few interesting ancestry-related results and no major medical red flags. I have to dig into the details and there are some 3rd party places you can send your result to in order to get more detailed reports but so far it doesn’t look like I have to change what I’ve been doing health-wise.

Stream of consciousness…

Up early but not enough sleep, downstairs for coffee, some vitamins, some apple cider vinegar in water. Check my YouTube subs while drinking coffee – nothing new. Maybe I need to look for some new stuff there. Check my podcast subs – nothing new. Is it the off season? Then breakfast. So great and today is a bone broth day (this happens every other day) all good. Upstairs to play a game or two on the one active Windows machine in the house. What now? It’s raining. OK, let’s got to Costco. Bought more than we thought we would but not too bad. As long as we’re out may as well stop at Trader Joe’s (we’re out of pistachios). I was going to fertilize today but no since it’s raining. Back home. Watch Episode 1 of season 6 of No ┬áReservations. I think that’s my favorite television show right now. Glad that there will be a season 9. Then upstairs and clean up my room. Well, start to clean up my room. It will take more than today to get that done but I’ve made a dent. Early dinner of salmon basil and rice – so good, highlight of this week’s meals. Then turmeric tea & some nuts. Upstairs to practice guitar and bass. Then, try soaking my feet, something I’ve never really done before. Well, gotta write something before heading for bed and not many ideas on what to write so here it is. I do want to get to bed early and get enough sleep so that’s about it for now

Rich White Guys Justify Their Not Voting

This podcast annoyed me at the 29 minute mark. Two white male millionaires talking about how they don’t vote because it doesn’t matter. These guys have done a lot of good work but I don’t agree that voting doesn’t matter. They should realize that they’ve had opportunities that a lot of people didn’t have. And given that they are white, male, and rich almost anything that happens in this country won’t affect them negatively.

I’m not rich but I probably won’t be that negatively affected by who’s in power in this country. I still take the time to educate myself on the candidates and don’t consider it an option not to vote. And I hope that most people don’t have the attitude that these two guys have about voting.