Cheating Day

Today was March cheating day. Korean food for lunch, Lou Malnati’s pizza for dinner. Not too bad – the pizza was crust-less and accompanied by a salad.

Well, there was tiramisu for dessert…


Up too early

Forgot to reset my alarm clock (power was off briefly yesterday when Com Ed installed a smart meter) so I’m up a bit earlier than normal (still got 8 hours of sleep, though, per my bi-pap machine). Still, could have stood to sleep a bit longer. Anyway, off to do my morning back exercises…

Sleep wins out

At around 9 last night I realized I hadn’t posted to my blog for the day. But my sleep experiment requires all devices off at 9:00pm. The sleep experiment has priority so no post yesterday.

On the plus side, I now have today’s post done and it’s not yet 7am. So maybe posts should happen in the morning rather than in the evening?


Thomas Paine: Great Writer of the Revolution, Michael Burgan

Some months ago I came upon a quote by Thomas Paine that I really liked (and that got me blocked from one guy on Facebook when I replied to one of his comments):

“To argue with a man who has renounced the use and authority of reason, and whose philosophy consists in holding humanity in contempt, is like administering medicine to the dead, or endeavoring to convert an atheist by scripture.”

I wanted to learn a bit more about Paine so I picked up this book at my local library. It’s a small book and hits on the main points of Paine’s life, including his sad end. In that respect it gave me what I wanted but it left me wanting to know more and perhaps read more of Paine’s writings.

I would say this book is more like an extended encyclopedia article. If you want a quick overview of Paine’s life it’s OK but I’m still looking for more.


Well, I have been good about some aspects of working on my health but one area that I haven’t been good at is getting good sleep. One main reason is that I’ve been staying up too late, playing and working on my computer.

In order to do a better job on sleep (getting to bed at a reasonable hour, sleeping long enough) I have decided to to try turning off all my devices by 9:00pm every day. I will allow myself to do some reading but my hope is to be asleep well before midnight. This is another one of my many experiments to try and improve my health.

And, since 9:00pm is approaching I will be turning off this computer now…

Duck Eggs

…again today. We hardly ever eat chicken eggs anymore. Very happy to have found a nearby farm that has these.

Typical breakfast:

2 duck eggs over easy cooked in grass-fed ghee
2 pieces sugar-free bacon
Slice of Liverwurst
Bunch of broccoli sprouts
1 tablespoon of coconut oil