Prai Raya in Bangkok

I had a really nice lunch at Nara in EmQuartier and wasn’t looking forward to anything special for dinner. But then, one of our friends asked if we could wait until 7pm so we could all go to dinner together. Being on vacation, we were amenable.

Around 7pm we were picked up in a van that then drove down Sukhumvit road, turning left at Sukhumvit Soi 8. We drove past various shops and restaurants and then pulled into a parking lot of a building whose name was in Thai characters (which I can’t yet read). We went inside.

The menu had a bunch of stuff I didn’t recognize. I was told that this was Southern Thai food and the parent restaurant is a famous one in Phuket. Our host told me that she ordered for us. That was good because nothing jumped out to me based on the menu.

The food started coming. Crabmeat curry with vermicelli noodles. Stir fried prawns with shrimp paste and sataw beans. Braised pork belly with garlic and peppercorns. Shrimp paste with shrimp and vegetables. Stir fried minced pork with some kind of herbs. A spinach-like vegetable dish with egg and dried shrimp. All of it excellent. Probably the best meal I had in Bangkok on this trip.

For dessert, I asked for the durian ice cream. Everyone said that they didn’t have it based on their menus. For some reason, though, the menu I got had it added to the dessert section by hand. Strange. The waitress confirmed that it was available so that was my choice for the last item of the evening. It was also delicious.

A great evening with great friends at a great restaurant. I would definitely go back.

Back from some side trips

I thought Thai food was the best. Then we spent a few days in Singapore. Don’t get me wrong, I love the food in Thailand, but I had some really amazing (albeit more expensive) food in Singapore. In particular, one dessert (durian snow ice) was the best. And it’s only available in Singapore.

Once back from SIN, we spent a couple of days in Hua Hin on the beach in a friend of ours’ condo. It was nice. There was some non-stop drumming and chanting happening somewhere on the beach at all hours of the night. Today, as we were preparing to leave for the trip back to Bangkok, it was happening at 7am. I mentioned to one of our party that they sure start that stuff early only to be told that they were still going on from last night. I guess it’s a party town.

Another thing we found out this morning: the fire alarm went off at 3am. We blissfully slept through it. If there was a real fire we probably would have been burned to a crisp (we were staying on the 8th floor).

Anyway, we’re pretty much back in Bangkok for the duration of our vacation. Unless people are hatching plans to take us somewhere else. I guess we’ll find out.

2.5 weeks in Thailand

The Thailand trip continues. I’ve been to many interesting places. I was thinking I’d have time to blog more from here but it seems like friends & family over here have conspired to keep us busy doing a bunch of stuff. This evening for the first time I have a few unoccupied hours.

One annoying thing: I updated the OS on my Macbook and the transfer software for my camera is non-functional on that OS. There’s supposed to be an update in late December to fix the problem but until then I can’t use my camera software to get pictures off my camera and onto my computer.

Luckily, my camera is wifi capable and can send photos to a Canon web service. From there I can download photos to my computer. It’s clunky, but it works.

In general, I’m doing a lot more walking than normal and this week I learned how to use the BTS Skytrain. So our range of things we can do without having to bother people to take us places is expanded.

More later…


From 4 days & 3 nights in northern Thailand. Saw some amazing sites & ate some great food. And I guess while I was gone there was some kind of election surprise. And I guess people are kind of upset about it.

Interestingly, we ran into the couple that sold us the townhome we used to live in in Bellevue, Washington. Talk about a small world. And we found out that they are rabid Trump supporters. Another surprise about them – they pulled all their money out of the market just before the election. They said they anticipated a big market fall if Trump won. In that area, they are way more astute than I am.

I found out,  in talking to them, that it’s useless for me to talk to any Trump supporter about politics – they are thoroughly indoctrinated. No critical thinking, no reasoning will work with them.

Anyway, no use crying over spilt milk. What’s done is done and it can’t be changed. The question now is how we cope with our changed future. Thats something I’ll be thinking about in the coming weeks.

1 November 2016

Even still more errands to run today, the last day before our trip. We finally have all the FIL’s house stuff in place. A couple of neighbors have our contact info and my sister has our house key. I just need to put the last few things into my checked luggage, pack my CPAP and the stuff I’m carrying in my backpack and we’re ready to go.

My normal routine will not happen on this trip. I’ll be looking to establish a new one for the six weeks we’ll be out of the country. Hopefully all my postings (facebook, blog, etc.) will be do-able over there.