30 September 2016

A trip to the Naperville MingHin restaurant after my wife’s rheumatology appointment. Really great food.

Now, listening to more presentations from the Keto Summit.

Just found out there is a West Wing podcast. I need to check that out.

But not now. Now: bed.

27 September 2016

Can it be the 27th of September already. Time is flying.

Today, I spent the morning mowing the lawn. Today was much cooler (and, in addition, much windier) than it has been for many weeks. Weather that is more ideal for mowing the lawn. Usually I feel like a wet rag upon completion of my mowing but today I felt better than that. If future weeks continue this trend I will enjoy this chore a lot more, although winter is coming (the time when lawn mowing is not necessary).

I also pulled out a few big weeds from the back yard with my newly-acquired Fisker weed puller. I like this tool a lot.

In my continuing perusal of the Fripp online diary, I have reached May 2007 and a post where Robert is proposing tithing for Guitar Craft members. I generally associate tithing with religion and not religions that I feel a resonance with. It will be interesting to read further and discover whether the tithing initiative was successful.

Tomorrow is farm / bass lesson day. It will be good to get a good night’s sleep tonight.

26 September 2016

Two days ago was my father’s birthday. If he were still alive he would be 102 years old.

I never was close to my father for a number of reasons. I had come to the point, though, where I didn’t wish him ill but also didn’t wish him well either. We really didn’t get along all through my childhood. For many years I haven’t thought about him but this year for some reason I did. Maybe because of this daily journalling thing that I’m doing?

Maybe I’ll get to bed early this evening. Primarily bass & guitar practicing today. Tomorrow I mow the lawn.


24 September 2016
A day built around a big get-together at Siam’s House restaurant in Niles. I had my favorite (duck basil) and sampled some other stuff. Then, Some ube cake from Rowie’s bakery (possibly my favorite cake).

I didn’t eat as much as I could have, which I consider a win on a cheating day. And now with that over, back to more healthy pursuits.